Research Projects


The Laboratory of Nanosystems and Drug Delivery Devices aims the site-specific drug delivery systems, specially for colon, skin, eye and nail delivery. 

Nail drug delivery


Topical treatment of ungueal onychomycosis is a challenge. The nail plate is rigid and difficult to penetrate. This leads to low bioavailability of antifungal drugs. Treatments often are inefficient, long and recurrences are common. Alternatives are needed to enhnance nail drug delivery. Within this context, the objective of this work is to encapsulate antifungal drugs, associated or not with chemical and/or physical penetration enhancers for nail drug delivery. This project is supported by CNPQ (Universal 2014). 

Topical and transdermal


Our group has been working with topical and transdermal drug delivery with different substances. Currently, researches for transdermal drug delivery envolves antihypertensive and selective estrogen receptor modulator. These projects are being developed with financial support from pharmaceutical companies. The projects envolving topical application are several. Until now, it has been administered corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, anticancer, antifungal, antioxidant, among others. Current projects, has financial support from CNPq.

Design and optimization of pharmaceutical processes


The quality and performance of drug delivery systems are influenced by the unit operations used in the pharmaceutical industry.  The development of new technologies  represents a large avenue to pharmaceutical innovation. NanoSYS team has studied and developed new technologies, such as the hot melt extrusion, in order to develop superior and innovative drug products.

Lipid Nanoparticles

The research group have been working with different types of nanoparticles. However, greater emphasis has been given in lipid nanoparticles, especially in its interaction with biological barriers (skin, nail and enterocytes)

Preformulation Studies

Preformulation studies have been performed, such as: thermal analysis (DSC, TG, TFA, DTA), FT-IR, microscopy (TEM, SEM and others), isothermal stress, X-ray diffraction and others. 

Controlled drug delivery in oral administration

The search for new materials and for the development of innovative drug delivery systems have a central role in the modern therapeutics. NanoSYS team has investigated the use of new biopolymers in the designing of superior oral drug delivery systems, including prolonged and site-specific drug delivery systems.

Cyclodextrin complexes and self-assembly systems

The formation of inclusion complexes with cyclodextrins is a strategy extensively used for the improvement of the aqueous solubility of drugs, for the stabilization of essential oils and for the masking of the organoleptic properties of certain active substances. The present project proposes the development and characterization of  inclusion complexes, including the formation of poli(pseudo)rotaxanes and their applications for topical, transdermal and oral release of poorly water soluble drugs.

Multiparticulate systems

This project aim the development of multiparticulate systems such as pellets, extrudates and granules for oral administration of drugs.

Nanoencapsulation of natural extracts

Due to the large flora of Brazil, a lot of our work has involved the encapsulation plant extracts. Recently, the group worked with antioxidants, anti-angiogenic and antifibrotic. The current project involves the Centella asiatica plant and is supported by FAPEG agency.